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Announcing the Kerala Kitchen Event - Feb 2012

>> January 31, 2012

Hello Everybody,
I am glad to welcome you to the Kerala Kitchen, hosted by me for the month of February 2012.
Kerala Kitchen…. The kitchen of God’s Own Country is an event / blog space started by Rose and Ria where you can prepare and post traditional or contemporary or Kerala inspired recipes by using vegetables or non vegetarian ingredients and lure your readers with those luscious luxurious or simply healthy and tasty food that would make everybody crave for it.
The recipe could be traditional breakfast recipes like velleppam, idiyappam, puttu, stews, egg roast or kappa or a curry for lunch like fish curry, beef curries, thoran (veg stir fried with coconut) or a mezhukkutpuratti (stir fried veggie), or prawn recipes and gravies like pulissery, erissery or pachadi or aviyal, egg curry and desserts like payasam or snacks like achappam, kuzhalappam, vattayappam, neiyyappam or unniyappam or a pazhampori.

The contemporary recipe may include Kerala inspired ingredients in a recipe like coconut cake, coconut cookies, coconut & banana pancake, banana fritters, baked fish or a grilled pork, wheat payasam in a pressure cooker or colocasia curry or chips or a yam cutlet.

You may contact me if you find it difficult to choose a recipe or an ingredient to cook with.

Now the rules

It is simple. Anyone can participate in the event and post as many recipes as you wish! You are not restricted from sending your entries to any other contests.

Simply cook a dish that is inspired by Kerala. and post it on your blog anytime between the 1st and 29th of February and link it to my announcement page and to the Kerala Kitchen page.

Please send new entries or repost old entries (pls restrict reposts to just 5)

Email the following details to roshanscucina@gmail.com with the subject line Kerala Kitchen.

• Your Name
• Blog Name/URL
• Recipe Name
• Recipe URL
• Photograph

So come one every body lets celebrate the taste & tales of Kerala!


Saffron Sago Badami Kheer

>> January 11, 2012

I wanted to start this New Year on a sweet note and found the Vermicelli Badam Kheer at Sreevalli’s Ammaji Recipes

She had given an option of substituting the vermicelli with sago. Since vermicelli kheer / payasam is an usual version I have prepared the kheer using sago.

the recipe

Sago / Jowari – 4 tbsp, soaked for 1 – 1 ½ hours

Sugar – to taste

Cardamom - seeds from 5 cardamom, powdered

Milk – 300 ml

Almonds / Badam – 20 nos soaked in hot water, peeled and ground to paste

Saffron – 1 generous pinch

Few almonds to garnish

the method

Wash the soaked sago / jowary thrice. Cook the sago with 100 ml water. When it is almost done add the milk and almond paste and cook in medium flame. When the milk starts bubbling add the saffron strands and sugar and keep stirring for about 5 minutes. The kheer will begin to thicken slowly. Add the powdered cardamom and check sweetness. Add more sugar if need be. Turn off heat.
Serve after 5 – 10 minutes garnished with few almond slivers and saffron strands.


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